West Midlands bid for 2041 zero carbon efforts could create up to 92,000 jobs. There has been huge onerous on the UK to reach zero or net carbon by 2030. The West Midlands as part of that commitment are looking to create up to 92,000 new green jobs in the region by 2041.

The climate target towards outlining how new jobs can be created in green technologies and industries by consultants WSP. Full draft plan here.

Jobs that are likely to be available as part of this new targeted plan range from installers, designers (commercial and domestic), digital skills workers, manufactures working with fuels for transport to tree planters, ecologists and woodland managers.

The economic implications for the region will certainly be beneficial, the plan suggests an accelerated approach. Having reviewed that 2026 would not be achievable by the energy board, the plans to reach net zero by 2041 could only be achieved by bringing down carbon reduction by 28% in 2026.

Some of the priorities identified in the plan include:        

  • Installation of low carbon heating in 278,000 homes
  • Reducing car usage from 67% to 59% by 2026
  • Zero Carbon Homes Charter, setting out new homes for being carbon ready by 2025
  • Upgrading bus fleets to zero-emission vehicles
  • Launch tree planting programme

This plan has had the approval and backing of Andy Street Mayor of Birmingham and Cllr Ian Courts of Solihull Council who is also the WMCA portfolio lead for energy and environment.

It certainly looks to be good news for the region, particularly for economic recovery post COVID and ensuring the West Midlands is on the map for a much greener region.