Setting up a business can be complicated at the best of times, so how we set up a Company in the middle of the lockdown. Trying to work out how you set the company up, what is required by law, making sure you complete companies house correctly and a million other things that are an admin nightmare…but how do you set up a company with two other business partners, when you live many miles apart in different parts of the Midlands in the middle of a pandemic?

Well, it has been challenging I can tell you but the end result is even more satisfying, knowing what we have achieved in what could be described as a difficult 12 months. We probably made a few mistakes along the way, but we got to where we wanted to be, by the time we had set and we will share some of our challenges and insights.


I have the pleasure of working with two other ambitious and forward thinking businesswomen.
Long story condensed…we shared a vision! We started talking about our business idea around 12-18 months before covid-19 darkened our doors, but by the time it had fully taken hold we decided in our infinite wisdom that it was the perfect time to just take the plunge and stop talking about our business idea and putting our money where our mouths were.
The decision didn’t come lightly and considering our business will involve networking we were taking a risk. No one knows when life will get ‘back to normal’ whatever that is now. But we knew the business plan we had could work regardless of what the pandemic wants to throw at us.

Virtual meetings

I am fairly sure this is becoming something of a dirty pair of words at the moment. Whomever, coined the phrase ‘zoom fatigue’ got it spot on. (Other platforms are available) …whatever system you were suddenly thrown into by your companies or by choice it still has its challenges.
Hands up if the screen is blank, you end up just staring at yourself. Your microphone doesn’t work, you freeze on the screen then drop out of the call completely. Or you can’t get on the call at all because it decides you haven’t had a bad enough day. Well, we have experienced all of the above. We also had to thrown in the mix family issues, home-schooling, day jobs, sickness and bereavement. Despite the difficulties we all experienced individually and as we had to do all our meetings in the evening and weekends, we all still showed up. I have lost count of the days I apologised to my business partners as I was cooking the kids tea, dealing with children fighting over the X-Box or I simply looked exhausted. But we will probably look back on these times with fondness and laugh about all the hiccups and bad days because we got through them and still achieved what we put our minds to.

Ready to Launch

I am proud to say that we (as you can see) launched a brand new website. If we thought we were busy juggling everything before, it is non-stop now our website has launch. We have ambitious plans and more to reveal in the coming months but we managed to set-up our business from our 3 corners of Solihull, Coventry and Burton-upon-Trent. We have seen each other on a screen and fired emails to each other on a daily basis but the commitment and drive is what will keep us going and I’m looking forward to the next steps in our business journey.

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